Short Biography

Heng Li did his PhD in Software Engineering from 2014 to 2018, under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed E. Hassan in the Software Analysis and Intelligence Lab (SAIL) in the School of Computing at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, Canada. Later he also worked with Dr. Ahmed E. Hassan as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

During his PhD study, he cooperated with BlackBerry, the world-leading software company in the areas of security and enterprise mobility management, to tackle some interesting industry issues, such as improving the performance of large scale software systems and developing big data solutions for log analytics.

He obtained his BE from Sun Yat-sen University, China, and MSc from Fudan University, China. He worked at Synopsys, the world-leading software company in the EDA industry, as a full-time R&D Engineer, before starting his PhD at Queen’s University.

Heng Li has been working collaboratively with companies in the software industry (e.g., BlackBerry and Alibaba), researching and developing intelligent approaches to improve the daily operations of large-scale systems. The outcomes of his work have brought practical benefits to the industry and inspired follow-up research in related areas.

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